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The hearts 💕💕 of giving if different from the heart of selfishness. Make a change today and taulch life of orphan’s in the of giving to make a better life for the helpless kids on the street. Whatever you give shall be replaced, a million ford of what you give to make a better life for the orphan’s, we accept anything, so long as it comes from your heart to help this kid’s, believe me the lord God almighty will make a change in your life. We are currently working on the website now that why the donation center is not yet ready, but you can make your donation through our foundation email below 👇👇👇. L.


Ute community orphanage home foundation is a helping hand to the homeless kids in the streets.

We are determined to do all we can to reach out to the world about this kid’s and how important it is to give them a good life they never had.

Remember if you give, you will surely receive in a million ford.

My name is Michael am 8 years old, my mom and dad left me and my sister after buying a new house in Los Angeles. I really want to feel the present of my parents and hold them close to never let go again.

We are calling out to you. Your help has been keeping us alive. Please help and the lord God will help you in anyway you need him.